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You're not safe here
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So I made it through surgery. It's been almost a month, and I've got great news, I've lost nearly 20 lbs! It's not enough yet, but I'm getting there! Now about my surgery, here's a bit of a funny story (no, not haha funny, ironic funny). So anyway, I go in for some last minute blood work 5 days before surgery. I was on a 2 week liquid diet. They poke my arm and can't find the vein, so they moved down to my hand. Then the dumb b***h decides to move the needle back and forth in my hand like a freaking saw trying to make contact with the vein. I pass out. I convulse slightly. The EMT's arrive, and I come to as they walk in. So they try to get my blood as a last minute favor, and I start to black out again. The next thing I remember is kicking the gurney and then I wake up in their grip where they've started to catch me from falling. I get on the gurney and go to ER. Turns out I was really f***ing dehydrated. So I stay for 2 hours and get fluid from my IV. The Weight Loss clinic tells me to go off my liquid diet because "they changed the restrictions to a 5 day liquid diet." Well, it was already 5 days till surgery, but they kept yelling at me to not be on the liquid diet so I stop for the most part. I ate real food and kept it in a 1300 calorie range. This goes on until the day of.

The day of I am admitted into the hospital, and they try and get my veins. Seems I have paper thin, tiny arse veins because they poked me 7 times, and blew a vein. With the last one they decided to give me Lidocaine in my wrist/hand area, and put the needle in at the very base of my palm. They put in two tubes, one is liquid Tylenol and the other is just regular IV fluids. I'm then given the anesthesia in my IV and all I can remember is them calling it "Goofy Juice" and seeing seeing the surgical team. The last thing I remember is being wheeled into the operating room, and then I'm out. When I wake up, I can't breath from where the breathing tube was doing the breathing for me. I tell them 5 different times I can't breath, and finally I start to cough and gag before I get nasty crud up and am then breathing on my own. That wasn't pleasant. The next thing I notice is that, not only do I now have an oxygen tube to help my breathing, I've now got TWO IV cords. There's the empty one in my wrist, and there's one in the back of my hand. THE SAME HAND THAT THEY'D PRACTICALLY SAWED INTO. So yet again not pleasant. Later that day they had me getting up to walk. God that was an awful experience even with morphine. The three good things that came out of it was I was awake in time for Ponies, I kicked my mom's butt in a game of Rummy while under the influence of morphine, and oh yeah, I've lost weight!

So that's the end of my experience, and Tuesday I go in for a band fill. I'm not looking forward to it, but if it means more weight loss, hey let's do it. Crazy right?

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